Hi, my name is Chris Guest.

Dog training establishes hierarchy in the relationship between dog and owner in a fun and loving way. Without professional training, the dog/owner relationship can sometimes be frustrating but with an investment in good training a transformation will occur, resulting in a happy dog and happy owner. Check out some success stories.

My mission is to help you and your dog enjoy many good years together through training, which establishes a clear family structure. My training philosophy is soundly based upon the use of positive reinforcement (praise, treats and real life rewards) for good behavior, and negative punishment (the removal of something the dog wants – attention, treats, etc) for undesirable behavior. I strongly believe this philosophy promotes a balanced, safe, and fun environment for both owner and dog!

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(Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer, Certified Trick Dog Instructor)

American Red Cross Certified Dog First Aid & CPR, Animal Behavior College Continuing Education:  Pet Nutrition and Diet, 
Training Shelter Dogs, and Pet Massage